Direct Deposit

1/10/2013: Center for the Arts (CFTA) building (photo by Darren Phillips)

Go Paperless!

Employees may electronically establish, change or cancel Direct Deposit information in real-time through Banner Self-Service. The system allows for one primary account and up to two additional flat amount accounts to be established for payroll allocation.  Employees are also be able to maintain direct deposit setup for employee reimbursements issued through the Accounts Payable office via the Financial Aid Refunds and University Reimbursements option.

In addition, this application allows for students to electronically identify an account for their Financial Aid Refunds. Therefore, individuals who are both employees and students eligible for Financial Aid have the ability to identify accounts for both circumstances.

How to Enroll or Make Changes:

  1. When adding accounts you will need your Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number
  2. Using your MyNMSU credentials, log in at
  3. Click the Employee tab
  4. Locate the Banner Self Service window and find Direct Deposit.
  5. Follow the instructions within the system to make modifications.
    1.  If this is your first time enrolling in Direct Deposit, please ensure you enter your account information in the Direct Deposit Type of PAYROLL PRIMARY. Up to two additional payroll accounts may be added as well.
    2. If you are also a student and receive Financial Aid refunds or will receive employee reimbursements (i.e. travel) you will also want to enter the account you want to receive those reimbursements at in the FINANCIAL AID REFUNDS and UNIVERSITY REIMBURSEMENTS field.

Once enrolled in Direct Deposit, you will receive a Pay Advice (similar to a paper check stub) via email on the day prior to each pay date. See payroll schedules at

Payroll Processing Deadlines

Though the changes made on MyNMSU are recorded in real-time, please keep in mind that if a change is not made more than two business days before the pay date, the new/modified/canceled account data may not occur until the next pay period.

Account Allocations

Direct Deposit allows up to three account allocations. Employees who had more than three payroll Direct Deposit accounts on file, prior to implementing the electronic process in the Spring of 2013, are not affected by the maximum number of account distributions allowed in Banner Self-Service as long as they do not make any changes. If an employee has more than three accounts on file and chooses to make a change, a warning message will be presented informing him that if he proceeds he will delete all existing bank records and will have the option to establish new direct deposit accounts. In doing so, he will be limited to only three accounts going forward.

Aggie Service Center Assistance

For questions regarding this process please contact the Aggie Service Center at 575-646-2000 or